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Published In Distinguished Women Of Southern Nevada 1997;

Barrett Industries Solar Electric/LLC.
W. Hacienda Ave, Las Vegas NV 89118

Ms. Barrett is the owner, manufacturer and inventor of Barrett Industries Solar
Electric LLC. She specializes in off grid mobile solar electric power stations for
emergency agencies; products invented by Ms. Barrett and husband, Arthur L. Barrett
These mobile stations are revolutionary in the feilds of solar electricity and in the
market of emergency vehicles for public safety service agencies. With five developed
products, the latest ( Sun Star Electra ) a dual voltage 4000 watt 120V AC/12V DC has
all electric mobile apparatus, and used for general utilities, communications and
office logistic setups during emergency disasters in 1998.

Awards and honors include: Awarded by two California Mayors; Mayor Lloyd Maryanov
presented the "Honorary Citizen Award" February, 1994, Palm Springs, CA; Mayor
William G. Kleindienst presented Broclamation Award to be" Arthur and Clarice
Barrett Day" in appreciation of partnership of development with the City of
Palm Springs, CA in mobile solar electric technologies; police/fire departments;
two awards, Invention Development and Community Service Award, police/fire, City
of Palm Springs, 1997; "Award of Merit of Excellence" received by the International
Fire Chief Assn., 1997; "GSA Contract Awarded" by the Federal Government 1998-1999;
"The White House Millennium Award 2000" for the lasting gifts of new technology for
mankind, 1999-2000. Ms. Barrett has received nine letters of commendations and twelve
awards and inclusions in Who's Who National Executives of Professionals.

Creative works include:

Ms. Barrett was born March 19th in Los Angeles, CA, daughter of Clarence W. and Ruth
Mace. She is married to inventor and business partner, Arthur L. Barrett, Jr.
(34 years) and has five children, Tammy, Laura, Arthur the 3rd, David, and Cindy,
and thirteen grandchildren. Ms. Barrett has been a So. Nevada resident since 1994.

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