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Published In Distinguished Men Of Southern Nevada 1997;

Barrett Industries Solar Electric/Tech.
W. Hacienda Ave, Las Vegas NV 89118

As the owner of Barrett Industries, Mr. Barrett invents and manufacturers products
designed for emergencies, revolutionary in the field of solar electricity. They are
used for off grid dual voltage power that supplies power to major emergency events
and public safety agencies. His Solar Pak 2000 and Sun Star-Mobile Command Post
Stations are exclusively designed for satellite phones, radio communications, flood
lighting and logistic setup for command stations.

Mr. Barrett has attended over 450 emergencies during the past seven years offering his
products, free of charge, to emergency agencies in NV and CA. He has 27 years
experience in the field of solar electricity. Formerly, he was police officer in San
Bernadino,CA 1971-1972; and served on the board directors, Nine City Assn. of Gov.,CV
Best of Palm Springs Ca 1992-1993. Mr. Barrett along with Palm Springs CA,
will receive the White House Millennium Award, year 2000, for new technology as a
lasting gift to the future.

Creative works include:

Five inventions; Solar Pak 2000 Command Posts, 1989; Liberty-Mini Pak, 1990; Solar
Strobe Lite, 1995; Solar Star Ship Vehicle Pak, 1996; and Sun Star Command Posts,
1997-98, with the help and support of the City of Palm Springs and Northern Nevada
agencies. Mr. Barrett was born June 2nd in Tacoma, WA, son of Arthur L. Barrett Sr.
and Ruth Culver. Married to wife, Clarice of 34 years, they have five children.
Mr. Barrett has been a Southern Nevada resident since 1994.

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